An educational service that provides videos explaining the school curriculum in a simplified and free way.

About Application

  • Masdar Training Company
  •  Commercial registration number 1010664233
  • Learn is an innovative e-learning service on the Internet that provides a simplified explanation of school education curricula for all languages. It also provides a number of general educational courses that are not related to formal education in the basics and principles of different fields to enrich and develop the skills and knowledge of society.

Quality of Service

Learn is keen to enable our students to express their opinions and observations on the curriculum, which in turn ensures the continuity of high quality.

Convenient Time

Because we respect the times of our students, we have committed ourselves to providing our different services at any time that suits the student.

Affordable Cost

Learn ensures that our customers are provided with the best prices for our services with transparency and clarity.

How To Use

Simple Ways To Get Our Service

  • Create your own account so you can simply follow the curriculum.

  • Choose the curriculum or year you would like to see.

  • You can follow the content of the curriculum and communicate directly with the teacher.

Why Us

  • To take courses unconditionally and we have not limited to providing a specific field, making you navigate all the sciences and develop your different skills.

  • Browse the site through your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • Unprecedented ease of access to educational videos Review all approaches in a simple and quick way.

  • Rights are available to all provided they are distributed free of charge and the materials offered by us are not traded.

Clients Opinions

Mohammed Abdel Moneim

I hope you succeed and always continue with the same approach.

Hanan Hassan

A great application and I benefited a lot from it for language development. Thank.

Samir Shokry

The most important thing about this app is the presence of explanation videos in very simplified ways.

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